Diorene Faria

Diorene Faria

Owner & Administrator

Visiting relatives that lived in the Central Coast opened a door to a whole new world to Diorene as she was captivated by the coziness and friendly attitude typical of the local people. Compassion and a thrive to help people also motivated Diorene to stay. Her daughter who was already running a residential care for the elderly facility, kindly suggested her parents to open one of their own.


Having owned other business in the past and also having worked in managerial position for other companies imputed in Diorene a professional attitude and demeanor. The opportunity to assist the elderly and their families would increment her aptitude to serve those in need and fulfill a desire to be of a benefit to others.


Diorene received a BA Degree in Law back in her country and also pursuit AS Degree in Business in California. Her knowledge, kindness and compassion for people makes her an enhancement and a valuable asset for the community of Central Coast.